Monday, September 11, 2017

September Read Aloud.


We're All Wonders 

Every student is unique.  Every student has special gifts and talents.  In the Media Center we read this story. We took some time to discuss our differences and our similarities as students.  We also talked about the tough subject of reading levels.  Not every student reads on the same level, and that's ok.  Every student has the right to read.  This Book gave us the ability to discuss bullying as it applies to the library.  Our Media Center is full of books for every type of reader.  Not every student is going to like the same book, and they have that right. No one has the right to make fun of, or bully just because they read slow.  Meadow students are always shocked to hear that I don't really care for fantasy books.  My favorite genre is historical fiction and cookbooks are a close second. 

Please enjoy this short video. Take a minute to watch it with your kids.  Ask them what we talked about during their visit to the Media Center this week.  

As always,
Happy Wondering.
Mrs. Mercer

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